Adonis DaHottest – Pray For Me (Video) prod by Sandy 3P’s

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Adonis DaHottest – Pray For Me (Video)

Adonis DaHottest drops a video to one of his best songs yet (in my opinion) “Pray For Me” produced by Sandy 3P’s, and Directed by Nick Bossin. The beat contains a sample from Frank Ocean”Swim Good” track.

In one of the clips of the video, it shows him outside on the corner with a mic as if he is speaking to the streets which is in fact an actuality for him. The song is about his current situation as he is incarcerated at the moment, as he is giving you a piece of his mind and at the same time asking his fellow friends and family to pray for him in this troubled time. I am praying for Adonis DaHottest, and i hope that he looks at this as a blessing. Everything happens for a reason and i believe for him its a time to reflect. I talked to him a few times since he’s been locked up and he seems to be bright spirited and keeping his head up and focused on his return.

Me and Adonis DaHottest got some serious work for y’all. I mean me and him went way in. When i came to SD to help put together a studio i was able to record over 25 songs with him in a little of a couple weeks time which was tremendous. Now we’re able to have a deep catalog to choose the best songs for our upcoming joint album “WTF is a pillow.” This album is going to be a statement! This album is going to be a brand definer for Adonis Dahottest and the WTFIP movement as well as Heaterville.

The Stream for “Pray For Me” is also available now and you can Order now from here. You can visit Adonis website www.wtfisapillow.com for more music and videos.


Paul Eubanks – I Would prod. by Dave Moss

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Paul Eubanks is back with that bounce, and drops a single titled “I Would” produced by me, Dave Moss. Me and Eubanks got something real wavy for the summer 16. This song is a hip hop love anthem for sure! Banks kills it with the hook! The song is about him jabbing at a bad one but she trying to play hard ball. You know when a girl gives you a hard time when you try to holler, because of how she’s been treated in the past.  It reminds me of a dope hip hop love song story type track with a topic and vibe almost like that ‘Permission’ song by Ro James. I threw that lil Brandy vocal sample and it killed it!! The drums bring that swing/bounce type vibe. That with the simple keys and that vocal sample make it real real wavy. The brandy sample was the swag for sure tho, i basically built the whole beat around that. Believe it or not i made this beat a long long time ago. I believe almost in 2010. For real! That just goes to show that if its dope it can last forever. It makes me wanna go back in my hard drives and see what else i got from back then. I usually wear out songs before i release them, however, this one i can bump this all day, but i’m not gonna wear it out for myself. If you want to check out more of Eubanks visit his website www.pauleubanksdigital.com. Stay on the look out for more of us clicking up to make hits, until then Click the pic or link above to Stream/Listen. Anyways, enough for now, stream that joint… here is the YOUTUBE link and if you like it feel free to support us via Itunes, Google Play, TIDAL, or your preferred streaming service.


Paul Eubanks - I Would


Kid Ink feat Dej Loaf – Be Real REMIX

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This is a Kid Ink feat Dej Loaf Be Real Remix prod by Dj Jam and Heaterville. Me and DJ Jam have been making Remixes for a while now, some are challenging while others are quite easy to flip, this one however, was easier once I was able to cut through that bass line affiliated with the original Kid Ink “Be Real” featuring Dej Loaf version. I wanted to really flip the song since its a Remix, so i ended up half-timing the beat. I started with the 808 to get the melody of the original version out of my head. I added some filters to some synths and the melody i was playing almost gave me a Tupac “I wonder if heaven has a ghetto” vibe. I was really feeling that so i went with it. Between the melody and the 808 i added, it gave the song a whole new sound. I really love Dej Loaf’s voice its like super sexy but at the same time hella street. I would love to work with her. Kid Ink is highly underrated and i’ve been watching him do his thang for a while now. Not sure who made the original beat to this song but it was dope.

Instrumental, Acapella, and Radio Versions are available via email sign-up.


Weeknd Remix “I Cant Feel My Face” prod. by Heaterville and Dj Jam

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New Weeknd Remix Alert

This is a new Weeknd Remix by Dj Jam and Heaterville featuring the popular “I Can’t feel my face” track. We took our time with this and made sure the mix was right before we brought it to you. The melody was way to strong to go against so i pretty much played the same melody. I switched up the drums and gave itit more of a hip vibe i guess you could say. I tried to keep it west with the bassline. We had to get that right so that was revised a few times. The Weeknd is on fire right now and i hope we did this remix justice. Shout out to all the DJs and Service pools that picked it up so far. Download is available if you sign up to my or Dj Jam’s mailing list. Feel free to stream the remix via bandcamp here!

Drake – 0 to 100 remix (Video) by Dj Jam and Heaterville

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0 to 100 remix

Check out our 0 to 100 Remix  video produced by Dj Jam and Heaterville. The video features bike clubs from San Diego such as: CaliBikeNight Promotions, Sinland MC, Ruff Ryders, Flawless Bikers, Rolling Hard Riders, Subliminal 710 Bikers, Street Impact Riders, 2 Wheel Motion, Madness Bikers, Ruthless Ryders, AON, Kamikaze Riders MC, West Coast Busa Riders, Khaos Ryders, Hoodlums MC, ELA Bikers, 21 Presidents, Motosykes, Forbidden Kings, Ill Ryders, Elite Bikers, Elite Rydes & Elegal Riders. Shout out to all the riders that made the video dope. These bikers really go 0 to 100 real quick! This video is probably the most viral video we’ve done to a remix! So much respect to all the people that supported. Downloads are available via email sign-up. Just sign up here or head over to Dj Jams website and sign up with him.


679 Remix by Fetty Wap prod. by Dj jam and Heaterville

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679 remix

Our 679 remix by Fetty Wap prod by Heaterville and DJ Jam. Like usual i’m bringing Fetty Wap to the west one time with this 679 remix. Im trying to west coast everything i touch right now while im working on my new sound. I ended up using this sample i made a while a go. This beat has alot of energy to it. When i make a remix, i try to steer away from the original sound of the track as much as possible. I don’t want it sounding anywhere near the original. Some people like to flip the vocals and do all this crazy arrangement to the beat and all. Thats cool but that’s not my style. Respect to those that do but i like to jus flip it one time and leave it at that. The sample i used has heavy electric guitars to match Fetty Waps rockstar vibe. His vocals are very in your face so i wanted the sample to match. Its hard to find a good acapella vocal these days.

Paul Eubanks – PTOMM (prod by Dave Moss)

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P.T.O.M.M. by Paul Eubanks produced by Dave Moss

Stream | Listen: http://heaterville.lnk.to/4PfgX

“NEW MUSIC” Omarion feat. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko “Post To Be” (DJ Jam HeaterVille Remix) Stream | Listen :

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“NEW MUSIC” Nicki Minaj “Truffle Butter” (DJ Jam/Heaterville Remix)

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